OT 4 Lyfe

Level 2 Fieldwork Mini Series - Part 1 of 6 - Week 0: Excitement and Trepidation as Fieldwork Begins

Episode Summary

The fieldwork rotation is a vital part of becoming an OT. Follow 2 students as they transition into practitioners. This is episode 1 of a 6 part mini-series.

Episode Notes

For occupational therapy students, going on a fieldwork rotation is exciting and also a little nerve-wracking. It is the time that they finally get the chance to integrate the information that they learned in the classroom and apply it directly into practice. We had the opportunity to chat with two Masters level students, Rachelle and Maya, who are about to embark on their first Level II fieldwork experience. This episode will be the first of 6 as we follow along with them over their 12 week rotation. Sarah and the students will delve into the following topics: